Why another Occupy site?

Truth is, there can’t really be too many Occupy media outlets. After all, we are the 99% and almost all media on the globe is controlled by the 1%. It seems nearly a given fact that media outlets run by the 1% will be out of touch with the nuances of perception of the populace, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to an assumption that the 99% have optimal media access or effect. Much common media, even in editorial pages, mentions the lack of coherent dissemination in the Occupy movement.

And that’s no surprise. The 1% spend their life in an atmosphere of political and economic access, and their fluency in these fields is proportional to their time spent. Adversely the 99% has relatively little to no time spent in these fields, and so; little fluency. Luckily it takes only time on the job to achieve fluency. Also, and this part is according to plan, there are quite a few individuals within the 99% who are fully trained and have been waiting for this sort of public sentiment, and are ready to throw their weight into the heave.

Occupy Planet Earth is where I hope to collect and organize some of the more direct and effective concepts from historical and contemporary political action and theory into a potential course of action.

And so that’s why ‘another Occupy site’. Wish me luck.